B-R4D’s Travellin’ Light Show has provided visuals for the following venues 1987-present:
Commodore- Woodstock Reunions (late 80’s,early 90’s 1,2 and 3,)
Graceland Weekly House Gig (Winter Mountain- snow themed techno party)
Pic Pub- Weekly Grateful Dead night- dancing to quality Dead recordings with Live Visuals setup on the dance floor
TownPump various shows
Sixth Ave
Cinderella Ballroom
Wise Hall
Lux Theatre
Cinema E
St.James hall
Hornby Hall
Denman Hall
Multi layered imagery is what live visuals are all about. Using retro and state of the art projectors and techniques in various media: 16mm film loops, slide dissolve, overhead projection, digital effects and specialty lightshow equipment.

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