SONGLIST for Buddy & the Scarecrow

up all nIght to get some
trouble ray la montagne
let her go G
counting starts c#min
time of your life
wagon wheel
bob cageon

Brother down- Sam Roberts
Sheepdogs- I Don’t Know
Wake Up- Arcade Fire
Hasn’t hit me yet- Blue Rodeo E
Wheat Kings-Tragically Hip  CS 
50 Mission Cap- Tragically Hip
Hockey Nightin Canada Theme Song
The Kid Is Hot Tonight- Loverboy F#
Takin’ Care of Business C
Tom Sawyer E
Lovers In a Dangerous Time
Four Strong Winds
Woodstock – Joni Mitchell
Summer of 69- Bryan Adams
Hallelujah- Leonard Cohen
Shape I’m In– The Band
Cripple Creek- The Band
Helpless- Neil Young  SW JL
Heart of Gold- Neil Young

80’s SET:
Legs- ZZtop
Glory Days- bruce Springsteen
Wonderful Tonight- Clapton
The Cure

All your lovin A
after mIdnIght  SW  CS
crossroads  SW JL
tulsa tIme     SW JL
whIteroom JL
willie and the handjive
lay down sally   SW JL
once I was a mIllIonaIre
I shot the sherIff
wIllIe and the handjIve
tale of brave ulysees
key to hwy A
heart full of soul D
blues power JL
got to get better

Voodoo chile
lIttle wIng JL
purple haze-red carpet A
crosstown traffic JL
hey joe
kIllIn floor A
wInd crIes mary JL
foxy lady

Is this love
Stop that train- you can get it
burn one down  SW
could thIs be love  SW
three little birds
get up stand up
concrete jungle
rasta man lIveup
stIr It up   SW
harder they come   SW  CS
sIttIn here In LImbo   SW  CS
jambalaya   SW JL  CS
bIg rIver   SW JL  CS
mIdnIght rIder
the great wIde open
low rider E  CS
tequila E
samson and delIlah
the boxer
hickory wind C
in my hour of darkness C
Nashville cats F
Henry C
Last lonely eagle C
Surfin safari
Me and hoolio G

lovIn cup NGR SW
dead flowers   SW
sweet vIrgInIa D   SW
satIsfactIon   SW
sympathy E
No Expectations CS 
Street Fightin’ Man C
Cant always get what you want C
Rocks off A
Let it Bleed C
Last time E
Midnight rambler
torn and frayed

tonIght Ill be stayIn G  NGR  SW JL
takes a lot to laugh G  SW JL
down along the cove A
I shall be released A  SW JL  CS
masterpIece G  SW JL
the weight A   SW JL  CS
the shape I’m In G   SW JL
tangled up In blue A  NGR SW JL CS
meet you In the mornIng   SW
knockIn’ on heavens door G
she belongs to me D
Ophelia C
Mighty quinn
you aInt goIn nowhere

Get back
I’ve got a feelIn  NGR SW
dear prudence   SW JL CS
we can work It out JL
norwegIan wood JL
one after 909 JL
something JL
Nobody Told Me- John Lennon
maybe I’m amazed
hIgh wIth a lIttle help
day trIpper
whIle my guItar gently weeps
drIve my car – twist and shout D CS
Put it there
The word D
With a little help from my friends
Dear prudence

Into the MystIc   SW
and It stoned me   SW JL
brown eyed gIrl   SW

Sweet Nothin
Ballad of Easy Rider

Ramble on A
Tangerine Amin
Good Times Bad Times

Up Around The Bend- CCR
Pump It Up- Elvis Costello
I wanna be sedated- Ramones
Cadillac Ranch- Bruce Springsteen G
Thunder road- Bruce Springsteen
Hungry heart- Bruce Springsteen
The river- Bruce Springsteen
you really got me  SW
pretty woman  SW
and she was
sweet carolIne  SW
free fallIn  SW
long way to the top  SW
take the money and run  SW JL
bIg jet aIrlIner  SW JL
bouncIng round the room G
tIme of your life
midnight rider
sweet leaf
another brick in the wall
kid charlemagne
caught in a trap
bobcageon-joker-you shook me
the joker
werewolves in london
sweet caroline

You shook me G
Highway to hell A
Back in black E

Casey jones
rIpple  SW  CS
bIg raIlroad blues  SW
catfIsh john  SW  CS
frIend of the devIl  SW  CS
deal  SW JL  CS
jackaroe  SW  CS
bird song
know u rIder  SW  CS
one more saturday nght C NGR JL
Franklln’s Tower  SW
bIrdsong  SW JL  CS
mama trIed  SW  CS
mInglewood A
dear mr.fantasy  CS (75%)
Samson G
Deep Elem
Sugaree B
Aiko E
Women are smarter E
Cold rain and snow
Mississippi Half Step
Beat it on down the line
Hey pocky way
Uncle johns
Cumberland blues

let It rock  SW
crosseyed cat  NGR SW
champagne and reefer  SW
all your lovIn (mayall)  SW
I’m ready E  SW
Thrill is gone
blues had a baby  SW
walkIn blues G
road house blues E

Everybody Needs Somebody
Respect G
Midnight hour

Close up the honky tonks
hIckory wInd  SW JL
henry  SW  MR JL  CS
nashvIlle cats  MR NL JL  CS
blue bayou JL
In my Hour of Darness  MR  SW JL  CS
Angel from Montgomery  MR  SW JL  CS
Wasn’t Born to Follow  MR JL
cash on the barrelhead
grIevous angel  BH
>> Wagon Wheel (Old Crow)  CS
>> Steam Powered Aereo Plane (Hartford)  CS
>> Holding (Hartford)  CS
>> Riki Tiki Tavi (Donovan)  CS
ring of fire
me and bobby magee

Squeezebox G GW
magic bus
long lIve rock  GW SW
pInball wIzard GW
behInd blue eyes GW
my generatIon GW
love aInt for keeping
cant explain E
join together

buddy  NGR SW
sIttIn on a bus  NGR SW
rock n roll  NGR SW
nItty NGR
superman  NGR SW
travellIn light G
xray  NGR SW
lord I’m down  SW
mrs brown E
red carpet E
two feet E
unleashed A
allio-rise above
what good’ll it do
out of the blue

suIte judy blue eyes JL
southern cross A
long may you run  SW JL
comes a tIme  SW JL
human highway
teach your children G
old man G JL
Helplessly Hoping  CS 
4 and 20
long may u run

Memphis in the meantime
Steam powered aeroplane
Don’t think twice
Counting blessings
Country pie
Second that emotion
New speedway boogie
Steep grades sharp curves
They love each other
Stray bullet
Leapord skin
How sweet it is
No expections

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