Bottom right shooting the Headpins at Centre for Performing Arts

Brad has had plenty of handheld camera experience and has a knack for finding interesting angles and approaches. Never afraid to work his way through the crowd or along the edge of the stage to find the sweet spots when documenting live performances, Brad is an active, empathic videographer. He learned the art of composition from very hip instructors at the ECCAD photography, film/video and animations departments.

Stage Left Cameraman at Centre for Performing Arts , F**K Cancer Benefit

Here are some clips of some live documentation.
For Cannafest, B-Rad was operating the lower camera at stage left (on the left (or right) side of a stage from the point of view of a performer facing the audience). RodBlack/Cannafest2017

at the Centre for Performing Arts

B-Rad is doing the onstage and sidestage camera-work for Industry Night at the Vancouver Media Club in 2014..
Sample of Camera-work

Brad has directed and shot a promotional film for his father’s book/screenplay, now titled “The Master’s Game”. Here is a link to stills from the film with the earlty working title “Log Book: an Allegorical Odyssey”.

Here is a link to a music video made by B-Rad for his song Laid-Back Jackrabbit

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