Brad recieved a Fine Art Diploma from Emily Carr College of Art and Design after four years in the Animation/Film Dept. He has worked in Super 8, 16mm, 35 mm Slide Dissolve Photography, Regular and Hi8, 1/4 Inch Video, 3D-CAD and Digital Video. While in the Animation Dept, Brad made use of the animation camera stands to do experimental techniques. He would do Multilayer Stop-Motion on the glass plates above a video monitor background or sometimes with the Q.A.R. ( a black and white animation tester ). A group of us were into experimental film and would scratch and spray onto bits of found footage; anything that we could. We made film loops, did double exposures, backlit starfilter logos, time lapse and green screen. We tried hard techniques like rotoscoping frame by frame. We especially enjoyed doing live multi-media multi-projection parties where we’d overlap our images and visually jam with Poetry, Instruments, Samples and Sound Effects .
An Elgato is used to transfer old footage to digital. Brad has used Vegas Video to produce a series of lightshows for his Tribute Band – Gen Who. He has worked with Imovie,Final Cut and most recently -After Effects.
Brad has several movie/TV projects in development.
Check out the subcategories from the VIDEO & FILM dropdown menu for examples.

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