Noah’s Great Rainbow


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Noah’s Great Rainbow, founded in 1993 have played many shows including Hempfest, Sanfrancisco’s Golden Gate Park w/ Stormin’ Norman playing Harmonica, Variety Club Telethon, Commodore Ballroom with Red Rider, Town Pump, Harpos in Victoria, and many more. They have an avid following of Dead Heads, Phish Heads, Partyers and anyone who loves live music. They play their own fun brand of classic psychedelic rock with segues and extended jams that are always unique. No set list is ever the same with NGR. When will they play next? Will they record a new album? Stay tuned……

Gord Kushner (guitar and lead vocals)

Brad Tidswell (guitar , lead vocals, harmonica and pedal steel)

Wolfchild (keyboards, backup vocals, acoustic guitar)

Dave Levinson (bass guitar, MC)

Gary Bulloch (bass guitar)
Noel Peters (drums,percussion and backup vocals)

More shots from The Media club:

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