Brad Tidswell, aka B-R4D, plays all the instruments on his first solo album after 20+ years playing in bands. Pedal Steel and Midi Guitar give the songs a rich texture while vocal harmonies, keyboards, electronica elements and percussion fuel his space-rock explorations. B-R4D continues to collaborate on other sound and video projects in the hills of B.C. Canada.

George Tidswell, aka Sufi George has written the screenplay for his epic allegorical odyssey: The Master’s Game.
Together, they created a film called Log Book which was a first attempt at recreating some dream sequences from The Master’s Game.
He collaborated with Brad on the short screenplay- Tent Caterpillar.

2 Responses to ABOUT US

  1. Louci Reynolds says:

    Have a demo tape of NGR from 1994, with Superman, Red Carpet and On the Avenue on it.
    Love the Superman track.
    Cheers Louci

    • br4d says:

      Awesome! Noah’s Great Rainbow will rise again! We are playing at the Fairview Pub on Jan30,2016. There will be a dedicated website soon for NGR.

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